Feb 7, 2011

beautiful things make me happy

it's true. they do. there is nothing in the world that i love more, than looking at something beautiful & saying "i wish that were mine." So one of the gifts I made for valentine's day for john, focuses on the beauty of simplicity. i was inspired by a link posted by a fellow tweeter to make this...with my own special twist. to some it may seem corny, but i'm all about corny...bring on the corn.

it's a book called "52 Reasons Why...i love you" the crazy thing is, one night last week, i couldn't sleep, was still up at 5 am, and decided to clean our upstairs landing because...well, i knew it would make john happy & lets be honest here, almost all of the crap was mine. haha. while cleaning, i happened to find a deck of cards & almost threw them out, but something in my mind said, "hey, save these!" When i found this blog post at 1 am, my mind started racing & i was so happy i  had kept those cards! it's not 100% finished, I have to decorate the box its going in & finish his card. here are some pictures:

 (the front cover)

(the back cover)

(some of the inside pages)

the socks thing has always been a running joke- he HATES when i wear his socks, but washing socks...is just one of my least favorite things to do, and he has SO MANY pairs! haha! hope you enjoyed!

and one more of my baby brigham...in the snow, saying "let me in, it's cold!"


  1. I love that mini Nicole! I am making one for Brian...but have yet to start...I've started collecting the things I want to add to it. Brigham is such a little cutie! ;)

  2. I love that mini, what a very sweet Valentines gift. Looking forward to seeing the rest:)